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IWL members enjoy opportunities to gather once a month for educational and professional networking lunches, and our members can utilize IWL’s support and assistance when applying for judicial positions. IWL’s mentorship program partners 3rd year law students and newer lawyers with more senior attorneys to share experiences and form a connection with someone who has blazed their own trail in the profession. IWL hosts several events throughout the year for members to network with one another. Members can be added to our 200+ referral directory to identify opportunities and promote fellow members with the growth of their own practices. In 2012, IWL rolled out its “Positions and Pipelines,” an elaborate tracking mechanism to see where leadership or new professional opportunities will be opening in the future and to identify opportunities for our members to achieve their professional goals.

Current Membership Dues
  • Private Sector:  $40/year
  • Public Sector: $30/year
  • Paralegal/Student: $20/year

Membership renewals are due by January 31th of each year.

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