Call for 2019 Gala Award Nominations!

Download the Nomination Form

Idaho Women Lawyers is calling for nominations for the 2019 Idaho Women Lawyers Gala: Building a New Benchmark.  The Gala awards recognize achievements of outstanding women, men, and entities in Idaho’s legal community in the following categories:

  • Kate Feltham—Awarded to an individual who has made extraordinary efforts to promote equal rights and opportunities for women within the legal community in Idaho
  • Bertha Stull Green—Awarded to a woman in the legal community who has demonstrated a commitment to her community and public service
  • Notable Achievement of the Year—Awarded to an entity or individual who has made a significant contribution in the legal community
  • Innovator—Awarded to an entity or individual who has promoted creative change in the legal community
  • Setting the Bar—Awarded to a woman lawyer who is well-respected in the field for her exemplary service and who champions and mentors others in the field
  • Rising Star—Awarded to a woman within the first 7 years of practice for her contributions to the legal community and who appears to be on a path toward even greater accomplishment


All nominations for the 2019 Gala: Building a New Benchmark will be considered during the Call for Nominations process. Qualified candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by a co-worker, business colleague or any other individual capable of identifying the nominee’s qualifications for the award. Award winners will be chosen by the Idaho Women Lawyers Board of Directors upon recommendation by the 2019 Gala Committee.

To make a nomination, please email your completed Nomination Form to Emily Mac Master at no later than the close of business on Friday, November 2, 2018.  You may name one or more nominees on a single form.  For each nominee, please identify the award and provide a summary of their accomplishments, along with an explanation of why you believe they should be honored.  Please include a copy of each nominee’s biography with your nomination.