This August, the IWL Board will be electing six Directors to the Board. Five of the positions have three-year terms, and one of the positions has a two-year term. At the expiration of a term, Directors may apply for reelection. Several of the current members of the Board are planning to apply for reelection in August, but not all.

We welcome your expression of interest in joining the IWL Board! If you would like to be considered for election to the Board, by Friday, August 9, send (1) a resume and (2) a brief cover letter to wgcouture@uidaho.edu. Please address your cover letter to the IWL Board of Directors and discuss the following therein:

a. Why you are interested in joining the IWL Board of Directors.

b. Whether you are a member of IWL.

c. A description of your participation in IWL (committees, attendance, etc.).

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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