We need YOU!

Idaho Women Lawyers relies heavily on the support and participation of its members. Please consider contributing your talents to one or more of the committees described below.

To receive email communication about volunteer opportunities from a particular committee, update your group participation selection in your member profile or email any member of the Board of Directors.


Board Liaison: Kari Helgeson
Abby Kostecka & Alex Hodson

This committee plans and coordinates quarterly community service projects for IWL members. These projects are designed to be one-time or short-run community service events that work with our members’ demanding schedules and allow for family involvement, if possible. The quarterly events provide opportunities for members to give back to the community in meaningful ways, and also foster new relationships between IWL and community organizations.


Board Liaison: Molly O’Leary
Chair: Rebecca Moon

This committee supports the objective of IWL to advance our mission through the education of IWL members and the community at large. The committee coordinates monthly luncheons for members, both by planning the content and by handling the logistics. With respect to the content, the committee works with the IWL Board, other IWL committees and subcommittees, and the members to choose topics that support IWL’s mission and to invite speakers with unique perspectives. With respect to the logistics, the committee handles the advertising and the event planning.


Board Liaison: Leslie Hayes
Chair: Lee Holcomb & Christina Moss Hesse

The Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Committee was created to address work/life balance issues affecting the professions and personal lives of women attorneys. This committee will provide platforms and networks for sharing best practices and solutions to the challenges women may face in successfully advancing both their practices and personal lives simultaneously. The committee includes a health/fitness component which encourages IWL members to integrate fitness and good health practices into their daily lives. Training programs are designed by this committee to encourage member participation in organized runs and fitness activities, facilitate connections between IWL members with similar health and fitness goals, and seek to identify other means of encouraging IWL members to overcome the barriers that can interfere with the cultivation of personal health and fitness.


Board Liaison: Trudy Fouser
Chairs: Peg Dougherty & Laura Burri

This committee helps recruit candidates for open judicial positions and helps women interested in being appointed or elected to the bench by coaching candidates and offering notes on interviews. It also plans events honoring women appointed to the bench.


Board Liaisons: Emily Mac Master & Brittany Ford
Sarah McCormack

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and ensuring new IWL members are integrated into IWL and its various committees. We work on initiatives to reach out to prospective new members and encourage them to take advantage of benefits offered by IWL. Our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to be involved, either through participation or leadership, is afforded the opportunity.


Board Liaison: Jodi Nafzger
Chair: Kaleena Beck

This committee houses both the social and professional aspects of networking in order to create and promote opportunities for women and to build a community of shared interests. This committee plans events like informal happy hours and group outings at various community events, and it organizes seminars, workshops, and other professional opportunities to explore issues related to networking, such as gender communication issues and rainmaking for women. In addition, this committee supports the development of strong mentorship relationships among IWL’s members by sponsoring various programs such as IWL’s ongoing mentorship pairing program and its annual “speed mentoring” luncheon.    


Advocate Issues

Board Liaison: Annie Henderson

Chair: Kristi Running

Each year, IWL sponsors or co-sponsors an issue of the Idaho State Bar’s monthly publication, The Advocate. This committee recruits authors, and collects and edits articles for publication.

Membership Retreat Planning

Board Liaison: Wendy Couture

Chair: Alex Hodson

This committee is responsible for planning the annual Idaho Women Lawyer’s retreat for members.

Gala Planning

Board Liaison: Trudy Fouser

This committee is responsible for planning the bi-annual Idaho Women Lawyer’s Gala.